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Professional Services

Cloud and Application Migrations

OBC can help you implement solutions which provide your business with dynamic scalability and customization. Services like Microsoft Azure or AWS can be tailored to your company’s network environment and can serve as an extension or even replacement for of your physical network devices. 


Physical computers, servers and other equipment used to be at the core of IT. Accessibility and availability of information has taken over as being the top priority in today’s technology, and virtualization is what makes it all possible. OBC can help you virtualize, harden and migrate your workloads to ensure that your company’s workspace exists in a more agile, accessible environment.  


A Pew Research study from 2017 showed that 64% of Americans have personally experienced a major data breach. That same study also revealed that 84% of online adults rely on insecure methods of password management, such as writing them down on paper. Poor security practices are typically at fault for cyberattacks, but technology can help to mitigate some risk. OBC has training and partnerships with many different products that can strengthen your cybersecurity posture. Whether it be basic Phishing tests, vulnerability assessments, evaluating and leveraging current infrastructure, or building full security infrastructures, OBC can assist in improving the security your network.   


Modern businesses need personalized network solutions that consider capacity, scalability, performance, security and compliance standards as well as necessary overhead. Can your network support digital transformation? Do your security practices scale into the Cyber Security realm? Is your internet connection sufficient as more workloads move to the cloud? OBC can help you answer these and more questions related to networking in the digital transformation age. OBC has partnerships with several Internet Service Providers (ISPs) so we can help find the best fit at the right cost for your organization. We can also increase your network utility and customizability with managed switches that allow you to view your network and data from a single pane. 

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

As the business world adopts more and more technology, the loss of data becomes a bigger risk to productivity. For example, if your company’s domain controller failed today, how many working hours would you and your team lose? Having a backup plan in the digital world is a major key to success. OBC can help design and implement DR/BC services to ensure your business is covered. 

Vulnerability Assessment

If you are unsure of how your business’ current network setup compares to industry standards or emerging threats, a vulnerability assessment report should prove valuable in planning. We inspect your whole network environment from top to bottom, inside and out, checking for gaps in protection as well as inefficiencies and lack of redundancy. This report provides your company with a tangible guideline, clearly defining issues to be addressed, secured, replaced, or upgraded as well as what things are meeting or exceeding standards.  

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