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OBC Shield


OBC Shield is our flagship IT management service which intuitively manages all four steps of the automation process. Once tuned to your environment, it can save you and your team time and expenses by automating many of your daily and weekly tasks. OBC Shield has four major components: Identification, Aggregation, Remediation, and Communication to improve IT operations and reduce IT headaches. Below is a breakdown of how each component automates and protects your environment. 

  • Identification: Each computer and server in your network environment gets an agent installed, which keeps the device connected to our services and monitors for hardware, software, and network problems. These monitors also track security processes like Antivirus, flagging a machine when a process stops working, and zero-day vulnerabilities. Some machines will also receive a network probe, which discovers previously unclassified/unmonitored networked devices, as well as alerts when new devices enter your network. 

  • Aggregation: All information gathered by the agents and network probes gets added into our centralized database for processing and analytics. Problems found by OBC Shield auto-generate as tickets, at which point the system runs scripts to auto-resolve or alerts technicians who can view in real-time. It is not uncommon for our monitors to alert our team to a problem even before the end user does.  

  • Remediation: When a problem is found, it will be remediated in one of several ways. Some problems require little to no input from the end user or the technician; OBC Shield will identify the problem and deploy a scripted fix, then re-scan to verify that the problem is solved. Other issues need to be dealt with in a hands-on manner. For those issues, our team will reach out to and work with end users to bring about resolution. 

  • Communication: OBC Shield facilitates several methods of communication. The agents installed on each computer and server carry the ability for our team to chat with your users and open a remote session from the same window. The information gathered by the agents is also used for the dashboard view, as well as reporting, which can give your team valuable insight into what is and is not working. 

OBC Shield gives you the ability to view your environment through one pane of glass. Within one window you can see the current patching status, hardware performance, any alerts, chat with your end user, remote into a support session, send scripts, and much more. This advanced and intuitive tool is a great asset to any size IT department.  


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