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CIO Services

Technical Road Mapping 

Approaching digital transformation as a business can be difficult. Fortunately, OBC is trained and experienced in helping companies modernize their environments. OBC’s leadership team can help guide you towards the digital future without losing sight of your company’s original strengths and objectives. To learn more, please get in contact with us through our website’s consultation scheduling function, found near the bottom of our home page. 

Technical Software and Hardware Selection Support 

OBC can help you find the best fitting software or hardware solution for your business, regardless of whether that solution comes from one of our partners. Our commitment to vendor neutrality assures that your organization gets what it truly needs. 

Process Planning 

Are you already in the middle of digital transformation but unsure of where to evolve from here? No one wants to throw money away, and we all know that time is money. Process planning, when done properly, will increase effectiveness and efficiency. Utilize OBC’s practical experience to create or improve your business’ plan.  

Security Posture & Vulnerability Assessments 

Is your network environment built to withstand modern cybersecurity issues, or are you potentially risking losing money and productivity to cyberattacks? If you answered no or unsure, you would likely benefit from a vulnerability assessment. We test wireless security, firewall penetration, network redundancy and much more, delivering an easy-to-digest analysis after testing is complete.  

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