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Who We Are:

One Bridge Consulting (OBC) is an experienced Information Technology (IT) service provider, headquartered in the Augusta, Maine area, with global reach.

What We Do:

We help our clients digitally transform, automate, secure, and support their ever-growing IT ecosystems. Our specialty is finding multiple solutions that align with your business strategy, leveraging your existing IT infrastructure, and reducing IT management with cutting edge automation and DevOps principles. We provide support to your staff during and throughout digital transformation, via instructive documentation and help desk services. This enables your organization to maximize its investments in technology, while also ensuring that your organization obtains a higher standard of service than was previously considered achievable.

Company Overview & Philosophy:

Who doesn't like cool technology? Our audio systems, smart phones, and home automation gizmos have become essential and even passion projects for us. However, when it comes to the technology that runs our businesses, cool doesn't cut it. Companies need technology solutions that are aligned with their business goals, deliver value, and are integrated in ways for employees to be successful. Having an IT Kingdom that doesn't move the business forward is rather unwieldy. IT solutions need to achieve goals and deliver value before being considered cool.

By establishing a partnership with your organization, OBC will tailor an approach with your business strategies and user behavior in mind. We assist in the creation of technology roadmaps; selecting and implementing technology that supports your organization’s growing needs. 

Company History:

OBC was established in 2014, with a focus on helping customers adopt cloud technologies, migrate legacy technologies, and ease the transition for users in their journey to the cloud. In the process of assisting organizations digitally transform, we discovered gaps in traditional IT approach to this new environment. These gaps were most apparent in the support of users and lack of automation. 
In 2018, we launched a Helpdesk Team to support end users in a comprehensive and empathetic manner. We also launched an automation platform to detect, remediate, and notify of anomalies across this new digital landscape. The combination of these two additions enabled us to reach a wider audience than was possible before, and OBC is poised to continue growing.

About Us

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