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Technology Support

End-user Training

End user training is one of the most important steps for a successful system implementation. OBC understands that it can be hard to justify training expenditures when times are tough, and budgets are tight. Commonly, it’s during these rough times that training can make the greatest impact. OBC can guide you and your business through a path that is both cost effective and practical, ensuring optimal performance and productivity in each process and system throughout your environment.

Technical Team Training and Development

Prepare your internal IT team or helpdesk to succeed with OBC’s technical training service. We will ensure your people are able to utilize your investments to their fullest potential. No need to worry about the how’s and why’s of utilizing new software - our process documentation will expedite your team’s development, removing some of the normal barriers to productivity. 

Business Process Improvement

OBC’s proven methodologies can analyze your organization’s procedures to identify where you are, and where you want to be and find areas where they can improve accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency. We then help you redesign those processes to realize the improvements prior to implementation. OBC will work with you in designing a roadmap for success including cost benefits and risk mitigation planning.

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