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Automate Your IT

Automation in the IT world - It only seems like magic. Here at One Bridge, we’ve been demystifying automation while making IT more efficient.  We work with our clients to empower their businesses with the tools, concepts, and configurations to improve technology delivery, reducing errors and negative user experiences all from behind the scenes. Conceptually, automating IT is similar to automation of a factory; yet the measurements collected and what is done with them is where the similarities end.  









Step 1 in automation involves creating an extensive array of “sensors”, but instead of heat, pressure, or vibration, we measure workstations, servers, databases, files, processes, and network into a centralized database.  


These concepts are not foreign to IT and the vast majority of companies have some portion of steps 1 and 4 in place. The questions we help answer are: 

  • Are we collecting the right measurements? 

  • Are we collecting all the information necessary? 

  • What can we do with this information? 

  • How can we use this information to improve our environment? 

  • How can we see this in a single pane of glass? 

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