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Interim IT Management

Vendor Management 

OBC can help you find and negotiate new partnerships with an almost unlimited number of vendors, OBC will work with you  to find one that will best suit your needs. This will empower your organization to take appropriate cost control measures, reduce potential vendor-related risks, and ensure excellent service delivery and derive value from vendors in the long run. This service includes research into best-suited vendors, obtaining pricing information, contract negotiations, quality assurance of work, procurement, and relationship management. 

Management and Evaluation of Technical Staff 

Does your internal IT team need more oversight? Are you looking for areas in which to improve your team? OBC can help with that! With our wide range of experience and top-of-class remote monitoring software, we can identify areas of strength and weakness to improve your team’s overall effectiveness. 

Hiring of Technical Staff 

When hiring technical staff it can be difficult to evaluate the knowledge and capability of an applicant to be sure you’re making the right choice, especially if you yourself aren’t an IT professional. OBC has helped companies evaluate resumes, assist in interviews, hire, train, and develop their professionals as quickly and precisely as possible. Rather than providing generic lessons, OBC uses a scalable training strategy that can be tailored your organization and its use of software, hardware and cloud services.

Meeting Planning, Preparation, and Presentation 

When preparing for an IT meeting – whether internal or external – do you know where your information is coming from? Are your reporting methods accurate? OBC’s reporting tools can pinpoint data for talking points, and our project managers can transform that data into a meeting or presentation format.  

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